How many guys yard sale?

My DH loves to yard sale!
We get up very early and go to a restraunt here in town that has a city map as placemats. We mark all the sales with a highlighter while we eat breakfast. He makes a game out of raceing from one to the other to beat the other folks. We have a lot of fun!
My DW lives for yard sales. I can't complain though, because she has bought me a ton of tools and fishing lures! Plus, she does yard sales making extra cash for vacations. I've been known to throw a few things in her sales too!
For the most part that's the truth. Sometimes you find a rare treasure though. I have way too much to do to actually go to yard sales as a destination. I will stop if I drive by one during the course of my travels though.
My mom (AOB) Loves to yardsale. Me on the other hand, no. lol, She went to a free one Today in Boones mill/FC. She brought back a TON of babyclothes/kitchen items/quilts/shoes/ect......But i will admit, You save alot of money by going to yardsales insted of Walmart!
Get anything good??

A fan for the rabbit barn, a couple stuffed animals for the dogs, a fake Christmas tree for my Mom and a weird wine chime thing for my Mom for her B-day.

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