how many hens per rooster?


12 Years
Jul 17, 2007
Mayberry (really!)
I have 14 hens and three roosters. 11 hens are pullets who have not started laying yet, the other three are my vets who have no interest in roosters and beat them up if they so much as look at them. So it is really 11 pullets for three cockerels.
Is that a good ratio?
Two too many, imo.

Unless you are thinking of separating them into different flocks.

If you are thinking of hatching fertile eggs from your flock. then you'll need one roo.

You don't need a roo at all if you aren't planning on hatching your own flock eggs.
i was told 10 per rooster, so you have way too many you should get rid of some or just get more hens....
There is no harm in having extre roos unless they start to fight. The dominant roo will likely be the only one mating.

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