How many nesting boxes do I need?


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Feb 7, 2010
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I currently have 10 chickens and I am getting 10 more, and I need to know if I need to add more nesting boxes. I have 4 now. Will that be enough or do I need to add a few more?
One for every four to five chickens, so you can then sit back and watch them all cram into the same one.
I was going to say 1
save your self some time and effort it's all they will use..2 at a time and line up waiting with lots of advice for the ones in it.
I have 14 hens, 12 laying. I have 13 nest boxes in two hen house. I get eggs in one box in each house, and hid in the tack room of the barn. So, have one box for each chicken, and then either they will all use the same box, or none at all. Fickle little females!
I have 12 hens, 4 nestboxes and they all cackle and squabble over the one on the left end. It's the ONLY one that will work, you know
Well based on advice at beginning we skipped the nesting boxes. Have several inches of pine nuggets in the coop (8 hens in one coop and 7 in another coop). Each day they dig a nest and everyone uses it. The site in the coop rarely changes.
4 is plenty as alot of them will lay in just one or two anyway.


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