How many of you with chickens just for pets....?


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Feb 12, 2009
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How many with chickens just for pets get offended when people joke about eating your chickens? You know the ones that always have to say "When you gonna eat them?" or if you spend any money on one or one pecks you they say "I would have just eaten it".

Drives me crazy, these are my pets. I know people eat chicken and raise them for that. I eat chicken too just not mine, they're pets. Most of my friends know this and yet still......

Any good comebacks? own son jokes about it.
In some places, cat, dog, or horse are fair game. In other places, the people would never consider eating a cow or pig. I've joked myself about which of my own pets I'd rather be stranded with if I was starving (yeah, I know...that's in bad "taste" too). And I love my critters! Can't think of any witty comebacks...I'll have to ponder on that...
chickens are pets to me... it usually doesn't bother me when someone jokes about eating them... cause they know deep down that if they really tried I would whip their now its a different story about my two roos- I just may let someone eat them if they don't straighten up... I know chickens are food ... just not mine
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It doesn't bother me so much but don't they know we've heard it before a million times.
My son on the other hand gets very offfended. He's stopped eating chicken completely and I'm the bad one when I serve it.
Although, he knows I'd never eat our pets.
Just pets here. No way am I eating my babies. I
to my hubby whenever he jokes about eating them. I know he's just kidding, but I just don't find it funny.
My dad likes to say, "You just may show up one day and have one less chicken. They look mighty tasty." And I reply, "Well, I may just show up one day, and not have your hunting dog."

And that's that.
By Golly no body will eat my pets. They have a special place. If I wanted to eat them, I would raise Meat Birds. I don't care how people respond. Show them your eggs and say NA-NA-NA, can your pet give you breakfast?
HippieChickens You hit the nail on the head. You know maybe saying to them, I have heard that so many times, that it is really old. Think up something new and move on. What about pets don't you understand? They will either move on, or out of your friends circle.
Yes it is sad that you have to be rude to some people. It happens. You know, you do have to clean house on friends sometimes. All for the good, like a recharge of sorts.

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