how many pounds of feed to get a pheasant to 6 months?

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  1. Pheasant283

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    Mar 23, 2011
    Just wondering if any one has an estimate of how many pounds of feed it takes to get a rooster ringneck pheasant to 6 months of age? Also what is an estimate on the current price of pheasant feed?
  2. deserthotwings

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    Jul 1, 2011
    Queen Creek AZ
    I've never kept up on the feed intake of younger birds, but for the adults I have around 200 pheasants (mature) and go through about 150 lbs. of feed a week. A little less in the summer months. Right now I'm paying $18.75 per 50 lb. bag of Purena Game Bird Chow. I mix scratch grain with it at 10% ratio. I guess that comes out to about 3/4 lb. per mature bird per week and my birds are never without feed and usually have about 85% hatch rate.
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    When I raised the baby pheasants to about 3 months old I just used the 50lbs bag of starter/grower and I didnt have to buy a new bag, I started mixing in cracked corn an watermelon for them at that point. So for a handful of birds you dont go threw alot of feed.

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