How many roosters...too many?


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I have 6 pullets and 4 roosters-two of which I really like. Is 4 too many? They get on pretty well, some "top rooster" chasing and such. I was thinking of culling three, but I really like two of them. Would two upset the balance? I guess I am afraid that if I keep two they will be chasing and fighting too much. One of the roosters is the "main" rooster and I am afraid that he will "beat" the other up too much. Do you all have any advice for me?
I'd be more worried that 2 roosters would wear the girls out!
Are you keeping them all together? Do you free range? Have a pen? I'm asking because often bachelor groups of roos actually get along quite well if you can seperate them from the hens. That will indeed be too many roos for your poor hens anyway, so if you wanted to set them up away from the girls, it could work.
Thanks for your replies. I have the whole flock together. I am not sure how big the coop is, but it is the back half of an old pole barn so it should be adequate space for them. They have roosts to climb on, nesting boxes, a sleeping platform, etc. They have an outside run that we just expanded to be 8x24 and that seemed to help with the 'fighting'. I don't really think they fight. I think it is more of 'who is going to be top rooster'. I haven't seen any of the other boys besides Mr. Big Time Rooster go after any of the girls. He hasn't quite mastered the mounting the girls yet, but I know he is certainly trying!

I guess I just don't want to kill any nor give them away at this time. They are about 6 months old and I have been very fortunate to not have any 'mean' chickens. They all seem to have good dispositions. One of the roosters actually jumped up in my lap last night (I put a chair in the coop and just watch them relaxing and funny!). I think he was just as surprised as I was that he was in my lap, but then he made himself right at home.

Thanks again for your replies...I think I will wait and see (which is what I have been doing for the past few weeks and everything seems to be working so far...)
When I first started my flock this spring I had six roosters and about 20 pullets. Owls got three of them for roosting outside at night. Then I moved 12 ladies to another coop for education at my school. I was left with 3 roosters and 9 ladies. One rooster didn't really mature with the other two the same age. The more mature roos started to chase eachother around the run.
I culled them both and left the one RIR rooster to rule over a larger flock of 28 ladies. Right after the two were gone her quickly matured. Comb and waddles grew and he puffed up. Like he knew he was the king of the roost.
So, that's what I did with high number of roos. One of the roos that I culled spured my two year old right as she walked into the run. That kind of sealed his fate. The RIR shows no aggression towards myself or my daughter and he is older than the other roo that spured her.
Good luck with your decision.
I have 3 roos and 15 pullets. I was worried about that being too high of a ratio at first but everyone seems ok - there is a very dominant roo so I don't think the other 2 question it. If there was a question about who was most dominant it might turn into more of a battle. I've heard 1:10 is a good ration roos:hens. I've also heard that too many roosters can stress hens out. You'll have to just keep an eye on everyone and see how they're getting along.

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