How many roosters???


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Apr 21, 2022
Hello all! I have 8 Chickens, some Easter egger and some olive egger. I got them straight run at one day old, and they are now about 13 weeks old. I think 5 of the 8 turned out to be roosters. I have a friend that is willing to take them for eating, but I wanted to post some photos here and make sure I am correct before I give them up! This is my first flock so I’m not confident about picking out the roosters for sure. One of them is crowing, so obviously I’m sure of that guy, but what’s throwing me is the other ones that look like him are quite a bit smaller, and have not crowed at all yet. The biggest guy started crowing At about 11 weeks.
First photo is of the big guy in the middle, the other ones I’m suspicious of have similar coloration. The three I’m pretty sure are hens are all black with some iridescent green.



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