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    Jun 7, 2007
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    I currently have 13 full grown hens, 3 hens that are about 12 weeks old and 2 roosters. The feed store by my house has another rooster in that little cage and I am trying to keep myself from going over there and getting it. The two roosters I have now get along fine now that they are used to each other. Also have about 15 hens that are 4 weeks old that will be turned out in about 4 more weeks. My chicken yard is 3/4 acre with an 8 foot tall fence.

    Tell me 2 roosters are enough so I don't feel obligated to rescue another rooster. LOL
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    aahh you can never have to long as the crowing doesnt drive you bonkers!!

    hehehe i am a bad influence!!![​IMG]
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    you are suppose have 1 roo per about 12 hens
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    Will roosters fight when they grow up? My con artist of a brother gave me 6 baby silkie "hens", which have turned out to be 3 hens and 3 roosters. I'm trying to find a home for 2 of the roosters, but what if I can't? Will they fight? Will they drive the hens crazy?
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    When your 12wo are grown up, then you'll have a ratio of 1:8. If you have any more cockerels than that, then you'll get bloody, unpleasant fights.
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    Quote:Silkies are famously placid, and it's not unheard of for several silkie roos to live together without a problem. However, if you do have a problem, then you will either have to cull, or separate into three different coops, 1 roo and one hen in each.

    You may get a problem with overmating, and then the solution would be to buy poultry saddles. A member of our board makes them and sells them online.

    In future, you should know that silkies are notoriously difficult to sex using the secondary gender characteristics, and you guys only have silkie bantams . . . it's incredibly difficult to vent sex bantams.

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