how many times hen goes broody in a year???


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i wanna know how many times a hen goes broody in a year

Do she tried to sit on eggs now and then???

It's my first experience with chickens
It depends on the breed of chicken and even then it can vary. Many domestic chickens bred for egg laying have the broody tendencies bred out of their line. Other breeds like Cochins and Silkies ( known for being broody) can go broody a few times a year. I have been reading about an American Game hen who is sitting on her third clutch of eggs for the season.
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x2. Some of my Silkies have gone broody once this year, and show no inclination of doing so again. Some of them have never set a clutch. However, my Sizzle hen is currently sitting on her 3rd clutch since Spring.
Good question - I have a mixed breed EE/Brahma/Something or other that has just weaned her last batch of chicks (8 wks old, roughly) and thinks she wants to be broody again. Unfortunately, I feel it's too late in the year. I don't want to be knitting scarves and booties to keep young chickens warm!
I have 3 Silkie hens who started going broody in February and March. So far, one has been broody three times, the other gals twice. My Dominiques and EEs are the same age as the Silkies. but they haven't been broody yet.

So yeah, depends on the breed and even the individual hens within that breed.
I have a one year old Molted Java that is sitting on her third clutch, she has been an awesome broody and mom. I keep thinking ok, she wont do it again but so far, she raises her chicks to about 4-5 weeks, lays eggs for three weeks then starts sitting.... I will be interested to see if she stays like this during the winter months.
I had to look up the Misri breed on the internet. They are pretty, but they are not common around here. Maybe you should ask some chicken owners in your area who have the Misri. Easter Eggers may be difficult to predict based on breed. They are considered a mixed breed, so it might depend on the mix. So you may have to just wait and see with your chickens.
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