How many years will Rosecomb Bantam hen lay eggs?

6chickens in St. Charles

10 Years
Mar 25, 2009
St. Charles, IL
I may have asked this before, but don't remember the answer. Our little Bantam Rosecomb Rosie seems to be done laying eggs. She is two years old.

Or, she may be hiding a clutch of eggs somewhere, we have a big yard.

She's also acting roosterly, but that maybe because she's a mimic of many behaviors and songs, or it could be changing hormones?

If anybody knows, please advise. Our Americauna hen moulted with rosie a few weeks ago and she is laying eggs again after several days off. But Rosie still isn't. She appears healthy and happy, she doesn't feel any different and flies up for lap time like she always did.....

Chick CJ

12 Years
Dec 27, 2009
Well, I'm not an expert, but I'm pretty sure chickens don't usually just stop laying altogether at once. I think they usually slow down in production for awhile first. If she was moulting also it may just be taking her a little longer to start laying again. Or like you said, she may have decided to lay her eggs elsewhere once she started again. If there is any spot in my yard that looks like it could be comfy enough, my little oegb will use it instead of the nest box!

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