how many?

rooster brandon.

9 Years
Sep 10, 2010
Kodak, by knoxville
Ok i have 240 square feet of run and only 8 chickens i am going to build a bigger coop not run i sometimes get confused between the two how many chickens could it hold im not free ranging but i might in the future?I have 2 ameracanas 2 orange buffs 2 Rhode island red hens and 1 Rhode island red rooster how many more could it hold.........................................oooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh and i have 1 more question my 2 rhode island red hens the guy said they will lay in 4 months its been a month how old are they they look pretty old and mature........
Concerning the size of your coop...the average recommended size for coop is 4 sq ft per bird minimum. To find out how big to make your coop, figure out how many birds you have, add how many more you want, multiply total by 4 sq. ft for your total!

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