How much brewer's yeast for ducklings?


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Jul 24, 2008
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I received my 20 ducklings and 4 guinea keets yesterday. They are eating non-medicated chick starter. I have been crushing Brewer's yeast tablets and putting in the food, but I don't know how many tablets to how much food. For those of you who have used the tablets, can you answer this question?

I have read on this forum and several other places that brewers yeast is needed when using chick starter for ducklings. The chick starter doesn't have enough niacin and the brewers yeast provided the niacin and extra protein. I was only able to find it at walmart in tablet form.

Wondering what the tablets are for

Me too? mine are doing just fine growing like weeds and all they have been fed is starter..maybe I missed something or maybe my ducks don't know they should be getting something other than the starter..
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