How much corn is in Layer Mash???


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Oct 3, 2008
Western North Carolina
I bought a 50 lb bag of layer mash that comes from a local farm where it is harvested. When I opened it, I noticed that it is very yellow from what I am guessing the corn that is in it. Anyone experience this from "non-commercial" feed? I have been told that others who have their flocks on this feed see an increase in laying and that there are no fillers in the feed. It is only $8 for 50 pounds versus $13.50 I have been paying for commercial stuff. What do you all think?
Anyone in the morning group have thoughts on this??? Thanks!
Corn is not filler. It is a major and important part of the feed. It is not the whole feed by itself no more than any other ingredient is entire and sufficient unto itself. The miller has a recipe to follow just like making a cake. To get the desired complete protein level add so much of this, so much of that, and this much of this other stuff for the vitamins and minerals that the first two ingredients do not contain. Corn is a filler the same way that flour is a filler when making a cake.

When corn (or any other food for that matter) becomes a filler is when you are feeding a minimally complete ration (a typical layer feed) and you start offering a lot of other feeds such as corn, grapes, bread, whatever in addition to it. The complete feed is just that - complete. When you offer a lot of treats in addition to it you begin to alter the nutrient ratios the birds are taking in. If your layer feed is only in the 15-16% protein range then keep treats such as corn or anything else to a minimum. About half a handful per bird per day.

If your complete ration is higher in protein, especially if your birds have regular access to fresh grass or free range, then you can offer more supplementary feed. All of my birds get a 20% protein complete ration (Purina Flock Raiser) and free choice corn/wheat/alfalfa pellets. They eat roughly half and half of the two which gives them all their necessary nutrients. If I were to do something like offer 28% gamebird starter and grains they'd probably eat something like 30/70 complete ration/grain ratio. If they were free ranging in a good pasture the complete ration consumption might drop even lower as their grain consumption increased.

In a nutshell corn is not filler IF it is properly factored in to the bird's diets and is a filler when it is not.

I get my layer mash from a local mill and it is also $8 FOR 50LB verses $12 for 40lb at Farm and Home. Mine have been on it for 8-9 months and are doing just beautifly. Eggs are good, behavior good, ect ect.
So In my opinion try it out and see what happens you can always go back on the other feed if need be, but I think they will do just fine.

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