How much do your chickens eat based on breed


9 Years
Aug 22, 2010
I will be getting my new birds Wed, and now I am wondering if I will be getting feed efficient birds, or "pigs in feather boas".
Of my current birds, the only girl that has a noticeably hearty appetite is the Marans, she is very matronly looking at just a year. I read that breed does have a tendency for weight gain. I had thought my girls were reasonable in their food consumptions, they eat just about a pound of feed a day, plus forage all day, their yard is grassy, and they get to explore the land in the afternoon after treats. But 6 birds aren't that many. I will have nearly 40 after the order comes in, and I know they babies will try to eat their weight everyday. The 6 NN chicks that are nearly ready to move outside seem to visibly grow from morning to night and are eating nearly a pound a day.

So after that ramble, what chickens do you have and which ones do you see eating like Baby Huey:drool?
I have 26 Rocks and they go through #50 in about 10 days. They also get about 3cups of BOSS and 3cups of scratch a day. I am averaging 20 eggs a day from 23 hens which will start dropping because of decreasing daylight. They also get free range after 2PM till dusk after they're done laying. Seems like they're hogs but they are keeping themselves and then some.
I have a flock of 14 Thais and two ducks, and since I started free ranging them from dawn to dusk, a 5kg bag of feed lasts for about three weeks. They also get 2 kilos of corn between them each week. Total cost of feeding my flock works out to more or less $1.75 per week, but with that said, I don't need to buy eggs anymore. By this time next year, I aim to not be buying anymore chicken from the stores either

Also, we're still in the monsoon season so with so much rain, there is plenty of greenery for the birds, but once the rains end, I know they'll be eating more pellets.

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