How much egg is too much?


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Sep 15, 2013
Taunton, England
Our chickens are quite healthy layers and we're slowly becoming overrun with eggs. I enjoy hardboiling around 3 of them and giving them to our 5 hens. They go crazy for them.

But obviously, you can get too much of a good thing. So my question is how much is too much? Thanks!
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You can give them scrambled eggs too. We do every once in awhile. But I don't know how much is too much.

If you are getting to many eggs then sale some. I sale a few dozen a week to coworkers and to my husbands coworkers. Make egg salad sandwiches. Bake some bake goods to take to work. Good luck to you!!
If you have extra freezer space, you can also freeze eggs for using later in cooking or as scrambled eggs.
I usually use them for scrambled egg omelet type things so I don't really notice any difference in taste. I just mix up whole eggs with a little bit of salt and freeze them in batches of 6 or so. You can also freeze them like ice cubes, one is about one egg to use smaller amounts or in baking. Hard boiled eggs do not freeze well, at least I can't get the humans to eat them, the chickens and dogs still like them :)
Awesome!! I will deffineatly try that the next time I have a lot of eggs. Thanks. I am liking this site already!!
I was giving the eggs away, but then approached a local cafe and now sell. I have a chicken jar at home and put the money in here. The chickens now pay for their food

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