How much feed?


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Dec 15, 2016
Hi, I'm wondering how much chick starter feeder I will need to buy for the chicks first 8 weeks. It comes in 10kg and 25kg bags.

Which one will I need to get if I have 3 chicks?

Which one will I need if I have 6 chicks?

Can you not get it in smaller bags? We can buy it here in the US in 5 lb bags which = 2.26 kg. If you can't get it that small, then go for the 10 kg. After a few months, it can get moldy if not used up.
Buy the smaller bag, and make sure it's as fresh as possible. Check the mill date on the bag, and it shouldn't be older than about four weeks. Some of the vitamins fade over time, and it can get stale or rancid. Mary

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