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    Apr 4, 2011
    Greetings - first time post. I have 21 chickens, 5 of which are roosters (about 3 too many). I am grateful for all of the help and info I have received here. Thank you to all who participate.

    Question - how long on average should a 50lb bag of feed last for 21 chickens?

    I free range, feed leftover vegetables from the kitchen/garden, supplement with brewer's grain, and a little scratch now and then - all in an attempt to keep the cost of feed down. I can get a bag to last about three or four weeks. Not feeding enough?

    Thanks for your help.
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    With all your supplemental feeding, that 50# bag might last 3 weeks, but doesn't seem like it should last a month, but this depends on how much table scraps, supplemental scratch and brewer's grains you are feeding.

    5 oz of feed times 21 chickens (full sized, full grown birds) is 6.5 lbs per day.

    3 oz of feed times 21 chickens is 4 lbs of feed per day.

    You can see that a 50# bag of feed should only last 3 weeks. The big caveat here is just how rich the rangeland is in grass, bugs, worms, etc. If it is rich, then I'd say your figures are fairly close. Again, cannot judge how much the supplemental feeding really is.
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