How much for muscovy ducklings?


13 Years
May 30, 2007
To those who sell muscovy ducklings, how much do you ask for each baby? Does color influence your price? Male/female influence price? Your input would be greatly appreciated. :)
I don't usually sell mine as ducklings but 3.50-5$ is the range i have myself paid and/or seen. Many times you'll get a deal like 2 for 7$ or so many at this price.

Most don't sell sexed so that doesn't play a role until their old enough to know through non vent sexing methods. As muscovy age colour and size, sex do play a role in cost. Adults varying from 10-15$ a drake to 15-25$ for a duck.. pairs can be 50-75$ depending on colours and quality.

This will all vary though, depends on the area/market.

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