How much greens for a duck?

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by Amy S, Apr 2, 2012.

  1. Amy S

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    A few of us in my family are at odds about how much "wet" type supplements our 20 day old runner ducks can have per day. I do know that when they have these foods, their poop is a bit runnier, but I thought this was normal.

    So, three runner ducklings (20 days old)....they have been sharing about 1/2 cup fine chop romaine *or* finely shred carrots (used a grater) floated in some water each morning. This is 1/2 per for all three, not 1/2 cup each bird.

    Too much? Thanks in advance...
  2. Amy S

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    Well, now, I should follow my own advice. I have told others to read the incredibly helpful *sticky* at the beginning of these threads....and here I went and flubbed my own rule. I see where it says that romaine should be given in small quantities, if at all, because of its low nutritional content.

    *bonks own head*
  3. Kevin565

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    Dec 22, 2009
    That doesn't sound like too much to me. Just remember to stay away from spinach!
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    Mar 18, 2012
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    I dont know exactly how much greens my ducklings get. I fill my 4 cup food processor with lettuce and chop fine. I float it in a waterer and they clean it up in about 2 minutes. Unchopped its probably 2 cups or so, chopped is maybe 1/2 cup?
  5. Amy S

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    Thanks for the replies. =D

    I think what's happening is that our ducklings are turning into ducks (who would have thought? lol). They are still in their rubbermaid brooder, which is becoming quite cramped quarters. Water splashing, poo flinging, is a way bigger mess than it was two weeks ago. I think the family is just trying to figure out what is happening....when what's happening is growth. Taking away their splashing water or treats isn't going to make them grow any less. Growing duckies is a good thing!!

    I do think it's time for a bigger brooder, though - if even for just another 3 weeks. [​IMG]
  6. Amy S

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    Yep, I do remember this. Also, I have read that onions, avacado, and nuts are a no-no as well. [​IMG]

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