How much grit is normal for a chicken to eat a day?


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Jun 29, 2013
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My three girls are now 10 weeks old and still in the house (
). They do free range all day though. (I love them in the house but they are just getting to big to be in the box that they are in. Always jumping or stepping on each other!!) When I first got grit I just mixed it into their food, before I read to give it to them free choice. I made a little box to put their grit in now. I have put in about a tablespoon or more of grit in it. They eat all of it within a day.
Is that normal because it seems like a lot to me!? Thanks so much!
They know what they need, and will eat it as needed some days small amounts other larger. As they grow you can go to larger granite pieces and oyster shell.

They are big enough to go outside at that age also if that is your plan..
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Thanks Mehjr10! I am planning for them to go outside. I am just waiting for my dad to build them a coop! He never wants to talk about building it so I have no idea of when it will get done! I started designing it before I even got them hoping it would be done weeks ago! Thanks again!
I use two Vienna sausage cans, one for grit and another one for oyster shell. I tie them up about 4-6 higher than the roost pole and in such a way that the chickens don't spill the oyster shell and grit or get litter in them.

For one rooster and one or two hens a Vienna sausage can full of grit and another can full of oyster shell lasts for several years and I do know that the birds know what is in the cans because I see them use them. Do remember that oyster shell and granite or marble chicken grit are all basically the same material, calcium, lime or calcium carbonate, the same thing that puts the fizz in your soft drinks.

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