How much grit to feed?


Jul 1, 2020
Deep East Texas Sabine County
Everything going good with my pullets and am getting 4-6 eggs every day from 6 white leghorns. My 3 domoniques still aren't laying but 2 of them are getting bigger and redder combs now. I believe they are about 21 weeks and the leghorns are about 27 weeks. Anyway, I was told here to put out grit and shell in seperate bowls from their regular feed and I have been doing that. My question much grit to keep in there? They go to it and start eating it like it is their regular food when I put it in the bowl!! I could run out very quick if I let them eat. Can you give them too much? How much grit should 9 full grown pullets eat? Also, they seem to eat and like the shell when I toss it out all around on the ground much better than just placing it in a bowl. Does it matter?
Jun 5, 2020
I always just put some out on the ground or in a bowl and let them peck at it or eat as much as they need. Mine never ate much though... it wasn't like you're describing where they eat it like it's their regular food.

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