How much, how often and what do I feed my girls?

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    Nov 10, 2014
    Hello chicken people!
    SO, I have 5 wyandotte girls all around 4-5 months old. They have a 50x50 penned in enclosure of grass and various plants I've been putting in there. As of now, its all grass with some random piles of mulch, and yard trimmings I've accumulated. Im sure it will all be a dirt pit before long. I have a mealworm farm, and red wiggler worm farm. I also have a small feeder in the coop I can put food in. My hopes is to spend as little money on feed as possible.

    Any suggestions on quantity and frequency of feedings? [​IMG]
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    Generally, chickens eat around a cup of food a day. It's recommended that they have food available 24/7 but this means that they will be wasting more. So, in this case, you'll need to hang feed them. You need to do this three times a day at least. Spend all the time they need. Make sure they are full.

    If they free range then they will not eat as much layer feed since they will be grazing and foraging.
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