How Much is enough?

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SilverPhoenixNS my policy from the beginning of having chickens is to always have water down and available during the waking hours and food available down and available. I go out each morning and could easily put only a days worth of feed and guess what I think they need. Some use that method for reason bc they have rodent or predator issues and food draws in the varmints they for obvious reasons do not want around. I do not feed treats per se like others do and I only throw down scratch each morning I let them out and on occasion will give table scrapes bc I worm farm and feed the worms the scraps and the rest of our table scrapes we compost so with that being said food is in a large 2 pound feeder in the open coop daily and what I throw down in the morning daily and maybe through the weeks a old piece of bread or melon rind. Good luck

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