How much is FIREWOOD


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Sep 23, 2008
Monroe, Ga
How much is 1/2 a cord of firewood in your area delivered and stacked?
My SO and I sell it on occasion to make ends meet during the winter months.
This year the price is $120 for above cirmumstances.

I see $75 - $200 on CL for a load so I dont know if Im charging too much or too little.

What do you pay in your area?
(PS - Im not advertising, just wondering what is fair
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We paid $225 for a cord, split and delivered, not stacked. I wasn't impressed with the quality of the wood, though. We won't be using the same person again. It's not a bad price for around here, but I want good dry wood that I can use!

$120 for a half cord delivered and stacked sounds reasonable to me.
Delivered and Stacked?

Delivered, not stacked.

ETA: We prefer a hard wood like peach, almond or eucalyptus. Pine burns too fast, so we wind up spending more.
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My SOs family owns a logging company so we can pick and choose the wood we use.
Should I use that in my ad?
Sarah you are going to have to sell by the type of wood. Like:

$125 almond
$135 peach
$100 Eucalyptus
$50 pine
per half cord

Seriously pine is almost useless. It burns so quickly - with a hard wood you can fill the fireplace or stove, light it and it lasts all night. With pine you will have to refill every hour or so.
Varies a lot. Plus a lot of posters don't specify FULL or FACE cord. If it doesn't say full cord, I assume they are trying to sell face cords to unknowing people.

Just looked at our local CL:

Prices listed

180 Full Cord / 90 1/2 cord / 50 for 1/4 cord. Delivered, not stacked
80 for level pickup truck load, not delivered. Your own truck needed.
150 full cord / 75 half cord. You must pick up.
2x4 stack, face. Pieces look small. Probably not even 14" cuts. $25. Delivery additional charge.
12x5.5x3 foot trailer load (piled, not stacked so will have dead space between logs) $275
200 / cord, hickory, you haul
$450 for "large" trailerload. CLaims probably 4 cords.
$100 truckload, level. You pick up.
$170 full, $100 half. Does not specify delivered or not.
160 half cord. Delivered not stacked.
$200. Does not specify delivery/stacked.
Green wood, $125/cord. Not delivered. $175 seasoned. Not delivered.
$175/cord. Does not say anything more.
$200 for a cord of "seasoned hedge"

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