How Much Room Do Swans Need?

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  1. morninggloryhatchery

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    Jun 24, 2009
    Well me and my family are planning on moving when we sell our house and we are looking at a property that has a pond on it. It is a pretty nice size pond to my friend went to go check it and its around 90 ft long by 70-80 ft wide and has some small fish. But i don't know what type but there about 2-3 inches long. How many pairs of swans can i have? They will also have a nice coop. I am looking towards getting Mute Swans. Where i live we don't see the swans to often but i love them and think they are beautiful birds and would like to see them all year long. Any advice and help is welcome!
  2. oliverbrisbo

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    Oct 6, 2009
    well firstly you will need to put a fence around the pond of around 2 meters high (leave some land around the outside). and clip their wings. i would only recomend having 1 pair of mute swans 2 at the most. if you had balck swand you could have up to 5 pairs. you can keep them with large geese and ducks. but i would wait till the swans have settled down and if they are peaceful you could add some smaller breeds. and remember do not over stock on birds as they will make the water dirty and the grass muddy

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