How much should I feed?


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Jun 14, 2010
Is there a set amount of feed we should feed per hen? It seems our hens always act hungry. We feed twice a day and offer treats too.
i leave feed out accessible to my ladies all day, and offer BOSS when i let them out in the morning, and scraps after dinner before nightly lockdown:)
What do you feed? We feed a mixture of 5 grain scratch and opti-lay crumble. It seems that they opt to waste a lot of that if it gets too fine.
My birds have laying pellets available all day. They also get some corn mixed in as the temps head down. They like the Sunflower seeds that I am tossing to them by the handfuls.

I find that my hens have differing needs on different days, depending on the weather etc. But I think they're going through about a cup each of layer pellets, plus a pan of broccoli, carrots, lettuce and "whatever" at breakfast. In any event, I leave the pellets out for them all day so they can get what they need.

p.s. BOSS is black oil sunflower seeds
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On average I find my chickens eat just under 2lbs per bird a week. That number goes down significantly when they are on pasture. I let them out on pasture first thing in the morning. About and hour later I put out their food and they eat free choice all day.

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