How much should I list this coop for?


7 Years
Nov 25, 2012
I have a coop that is two coops in one. The entire coop itself is 12ftx5ft. Left side coop is 4ftx5ft and the right side is 8ftx5ft. Both the runs attached are 10ftx5ftx4ft. It doesn't look as nice as it works, security wise and coop basics. How much would you pay for it. I really need help with this.






What did the materials cost and how long
did it take to build this setup?

it looks it will do a marvelous

and... it's functional, not pretty... (I LOVE
functional, don't much care about the pretty)

what I'm about to write are just the thoughts
that popped into my head... I may be way off

A neighbour bought a "pretty" coop to house
a couple of chickens and I know that she paid
waaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too much
for it... the coop/run can house 2 birds... 3 max.
and I'd bet that she paid $300 PLUS...

it's not a very useful coop - just LOOKS cute/
pretty and it blows away in a strong wind....

I have borrowed it (her bird died) to house my
new ducklings and the coop is falling apart and
doors don't latch well any more. It's only been
in active use for about a month.

she has NO experience with raising chickens...

I'd guess that people who are quite experienced
at raising chickens would go for your set up...and,
they can probably build this themselves and
wouldn't need/want to purchase it from you....

If I were just getting started and had the money
to buy a coop/run already set up, I might be
willing to pay $650-$700.... if it were a functional
FUN coop.... the ladies are funny and I like
fun/funny stuffs

Are you wanting to build these to sell?

How many birds is this meant to house?

If yes, I'd probably leave off the one run
and make it more attractive - as well as
being functional..

You can pretty it up quite easily and inexpensively

Just my two cents worth
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I agree that some "prettying up" would increase your profit margin significantly.

Get a gallon of oops paint for the body. Buy a quart of a color that looks nice with it for the trim. Then get one of those tin (Amish?) "barn stars" and nail it on.

That should all be less than $50, but I'd say it would add $200 to the salability.
Can it even be moved?
Does it have a floor?
Why are you selling it?

CONS: Chicken wire is not predator proof.
It's too short to walk into.

PROS: Coat of cheery paint might help.
Fairly good sized.

But you never know what people will buy, start high and add OBO.
Look at what other similar coops are going for on craigs list in your area for a good starting price
Thank you everybody for you input.
Karens Q's:
I am not building to sell and I have had max 16 birds in the space( all bantams).
aart Q's:
Yes it can be moved. The runs detach and fit on a regular size trailer, the coop has a floor, and I'm selling it because I need to downsize my flock. The chickens are gone it's just the coop that needs to be sold.
I wouldn't spend anything to pretty it up. It's solid and functional and will never be pretty. Sell what you got.

I can see paying a couple hundred dollars for that if I needed it. $100 is stealing it unless it's coming apart or rotting. It's not for everybody but you have a lot of potential use there. Use delivery as a negotiating point if you can. Good luck.

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