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    yes, I know it's been discussed and discussed to death, but I've seen so many variations my head's just spinning around in circles. What are the size requirements for housing bantams? How big a coop/run would a trio need to be comfortable and happy?

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    Quote:First take a deep breath and Relax. Go ahead, we'll wait.....

    Now, you can never give too much space, so look hard at what you have available. Dump all the head spinning info for the moment and think like a bantam.
    Imagine you're the size of a breadbox, or a flower vase - in fact, take a flower vase to wherever you intend to build your coop and use that to guage by.
    How much space would YOU need, then?
    Do you have it? If so, great - start there and build out as far as you can allow.


    Most people feel uncomfortable with such loosey-goosey information, however. They want formulas and numbers, lists, internet links and cross reference data, etc. Hey, its the times we live in, so it's understandable.

    So, if you still feel the need for something more formulaic, then use 2-3 sq ft in the coop and 10 square feet in the run. Now go, and build!
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    If you're building from scratch, figure the minimum and then round up for easy building. For instance, plywood comes in 4x8 sheets. So, 3 bantams at 3 sf per bird need a minimum of 10 sf, but if you do your house 4x4 you get more space (remember you need room for waterers, nest boxes, walls etc) and a lot less waste and cutting of wood.
    Easy answer, I'd do 4x4 with as large of run as fits well in your space minimum, and 4x8 if you can and want to [​IMG]
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    Apr 20, 2009
    I have been wondering the same thing because I read so many different things. I have standard size birds. My coop is 5 x 5 and we haven't built the run yet. We live in MN and it gets cold here in winter so how many can we have?
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    Quote:In MN with the confines of winter playing in, then you have a slightly different situation.
    The usual recommendation is 4 sq ft of interior space for standards. When confined to the coop during the ugly days of a MN winter, this will mean crowding for them and clean out chores for you.
    Also as the cold sets in and the chickens are "cooped up" (thus the origin of the term) the need for adequate ventilation becomes more critical. Not DRAFTS, but ventilation.

    So with the 5 x 5 coop you have, @ 25 sq ft that is a maxium of 6 chickens - and I'd recommend only 4.

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