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    I have a lil RR that I posted about a while back. She was really sick and I was not sure what was wrong with her. She has lost a lot of weight. She is doing a lot better, but she still is off on her eating, and her poo is not back to normal yet. I am thinking she must have some kind of infection, so I am thinking she needs amoxicillin and so probiotics. Any idea on the dosages? I have over the counter proibotic pills that I can open up and add to her food, and I can get the antiboitics from the feed store, just not sure how much to give her.
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    Before starting antibiotics, please check her temp--it should be 105-109 F. No fever would mean no infection and hence no reason for antibiotics. Remember, the more you use them the less effective they will be in the long run.
    She probably just needs a little "kick start" on the appetite as happens often after a long period of illness. Get some Nutri-drench for Poultry and give it to her straight if you can do so without asphyxiating her (this can, after all, be tricky) or if not, mix in her water. Our alpaca vet turned me on to Nutri-drench some years ago for them (their formula, of course) and it has helped me save multiple animals over the years since then.
    The miracle girl you see in my avatar, for example, was literally found after 2 full months of being trapped between 2 bales of hay with no food or water. Couldn't stand, didn't want to eat, really almost couldn't feel any flesh on her around the bones/skin at all. Nutri-drench is absolutely what saved her....supposedly, part of what makes it "different" is that it goes directly into the blood stream and no time is wasted while it has to metabolize. We found her on Thanksgiving and she spent the whole winter in my office.
    Our Tractor Supply carries it now, as does Jeffers Livestock and PBS.
    Good luck!
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