How much water should a three week chick consume


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Dec 29, 2015
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This kind of goes along with my wryneck thread I have a three week old Salmon Faverolle that has recently come down with the Wryneck how much water intake does a three week old need so I am sure that it is getting enough water also I’m trying to make up a wet mash with a little bit of scrambled egg in it how do I feed that to it I have seen it eat the dry starter feed but I’m wanting to incorporate the egg it is handling the vitamin E well and also the vitamin B complex well I’m using an eyedropper I give the vitamin E once a day And the big complex 2 to 3 times but only because I just started it today I want to get it into a system it started developing the right neck two days ago on Saturday night and today it is dragging his head down by his feet

thanks for any and all replies I’m trying all I know what to do to save this little bird needless to say I am so very much attached to it


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Mar 20, 2017
I don't know how much water it needs.
Can you maybe tell by feeling the crop? If it's hard, the feed inside is probably too dry.

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