How much would 100 chickens cost to feed and take care of yearly ?

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    I'm not concerned on how much the coop costs and the chickens. But in feed, bedding, etc.. How much would it cost on average to take care of 100 chickens yearly?
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    Sep 8, 2012
    I've calculated I spend about $200 to $300 a month. Adding in bedding, scratch grains, supplements.. etc..Some months I spend a little more depending on any extra supplies I may need. So yearly $2,400-$3,600 give or take. Hope this helps. Also, my roosters and bantys eat alot less than heavy breed hens, and they all eat a bit more in the winter where they dont have much bugs and grass to forage on (mine free range in an acre of fenced field)
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    When I have had that many birds I was going through about 100 lbs a week of feed and changed there bedding out 4 times in a year. I did clean under the roosts about once a week. I used 2-3 bags of wood chips. I let mine free range everyday except when there was a lot of snow on the ground.


    Per week
    Laying pellet $18 for 50lbs. Is about $40 with tax

    Per month
    Feed is $160-200 depending on month either 4-5 weeks
    Bedding 3 at $6 each is about $20 after tax

    Roughly $180-220 a month for me.

    Per year is $2160-2640 per year.

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    Dec 14, 2012
    Is anyone feeding non-gmo or organic feed? If so, do you have a cost on that? Thanks!

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    Jan 14, 2008

    You don't want to know. It will cost more than it would cost to just buy your eggs & meat. Raising chickens isn't a money saver. That said, the quality of both eggs & meat vs that from the store is better & it's an enjoyable passtime.
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    Feed is expensive right now beacuse 2012 was a drought year for the midwest which made feed prices very high. Think about what you really want to do. Chicken pellets cost me $15.00 a bag today for 50 lbs. I suppose it would take around 4 bags at least a week. Variety of chickens comes in to play also. Meat chickens take more and higher protein feed. Layers a little less, bantams much less. So you need to decide what you intend to do. Have a layer flock? meat birds for the table? or just chickens for pleasure. If they are just for pleasure I would stay around 20 that's plenty. You can get so many birds it stops being fun, and trust me it happens faster than think. I have about 50 and grew some of my own feed this year. If I had 100 I would try to grow a lot more of my feed. I mix 17 % protein layer pellets with ground ear corn I raised and ground 1:1 right now since it's cold and it is saving me a a lot of money right now.
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    $20 a hundred at local mill for 17% layer mash. Straw is $4 a bale.

    You'll go through two of each, every week. $2300 per year. As good for budget purposes as any.
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    I've usually got at least 100 head on the place every year, sometimes many more. Every year feed prices change along with the prices on bedding and such, but overall I agree with the price range the other posters qouted.

    I spend about 2,500 per year per hundred birds if averaged out. I raise mainly large breeds, not a big fan of those lil bantams. So every spring I figure every breeder bird I've raised to a year old I've got 25 bucks in.

    When I do my final cull in early January I sell the extras. For about 10 bucks each.

    I can't figure out why I can't turn a profit. [​IMG]

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