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    Aug 23, 2008
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    How much would you sell this breeds for as day old chicks, 2 weeks old, 2 months and then pullet? The breeds are barred rock, mixed, black rose comb bantams, white silkies, white rocks, amercanas, old english bantams, and cornish x bantams?
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    Well, there are a lot of variables there. What quality stock do they come from? On LF pet birds, I have charged between $2 and $5 for day old chicks - might go around $8 for 2 month olds.......SQ silkies (for example) go a lot higher, etc etc
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    IMO-- look at the hatchery prices for each, as well as prices at your local Co-op or Tractor Supply etc... and beat them...
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    I sell all my day olds for $3 each an haven't been able to keep any long enough to get to week olds. [​IMG] There EEers.
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