how much?


6 Years
Jun 24, 2013
Buna, TX
Im feeding my chickens ( 5 weeks, 6 weeks, 17 weeks) 22% starter feed (feed store had that or layer-22% it is!)

They get 6 cups at 6:30am and 6 cups at 6pm with fruit or veggie scraps at 10am. (About a cup on days we have leftovers)

Well, im noticing their feathers are all kind of lackluster and their breastbones are....prominent to say the least.

I have 41 birds-12 cups was plenty a few weeks ago but as they age im kinda stumped as to how much i should pour (i cant free feed due to pests and ants). Should i add another feeding at noon? Add extra cups in the morning and night? How many cups does a single growing bird eat?
I recall that a mature chicken will eat 4 ounces per day. Mine actually eat about 6 ounces a day, even with freely foraging most of the day.

I make food available all the time.

For ants, a moat around the feeder or hanging feeder might help. For some other pests, a treadle feeder actuated by the weight of the bird might help. A hanging feeder of pellets with a pecking actuated trigger will drop food only when the birds peck. They should eat all that falls and leave nothing for pests.


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