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    Jun 16, 2013
    Our chickens seem to be starving, we feed them every night and there is always feed left when they are through. The next night they peck at us until we feed them. We have ten hens and two roosters. They free range all day. Thank you.
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  2. Some of this is just their behaviors. They get excited and sort of act out. You could try a bit a feed in the mornings and see if this behavior changes. My guess is that it doesn't. It is a kind of mass hysteria. No matter how many times the birds see me pass by during the day, they always sort of come a rushing. They just hope against hope that I might have some kind of scraps to toss them. It's all rather Pavlovian in nature.
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    Feb 9, 2013
    Chickens are like kids in their eating habits, they don't know what or how much to eat to be healthy. I would maybe give them a little feed in the morning (unless there is some left over from the previous night. The people I first got my chickens from gave their flock of twelve hens and one rooster two quarts of feed a day (one quart layer feed and one quart scratch). Their chickens didn't free range. They got plenty of eggs from them. I would not be two concerned if they are free ranging all day. They get a lot of food that way so what you usually feed them is probably okay.
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    I provide food all the time. Chickens don't overeat as do humans.

    Mine come a running whenever I walk into the garage. That is where the black oil sunflower seeds are kept. They are hoping that I will come out with a cup of seeds for a treat. I am the guy who brings them food.

    They typically get food preparation leftovers tossed from the back porch. I can walk out on the back porch and toss one of anything and get a flock in a few minutes. Pavlov was right.


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