How often can chickens go broody?

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    Apr 11, 2011
    I know it depends on the breed, owner said this chicken is a Golden Comet. They said they had three hens go broody and so they banded them to know which ones they were, they said since going broody in the spring she's gone broody two more times (each time sitting on wooden eggs) and they thought she was getting ready to go broody again (had been in the nesting box for two days with no eggs).

    Is this normal for this breed?

    I'm hoping she goes broody a lot because I do want to hatch some eggs eventually, but I suck at it and think a mama hen would do much better then me.

  2. Hybrid chickens generally will not go broody because most of that has been bred out of them so that they are better production birds. But a Golden Comet is also a mixed breed bird which a lot of your best broody hens are mixed breeds. We have a medium sized mixed breed hen that we have no idea what she is a mix of. We do no know how old she is. She quit laying almost 2 years ago but she still loves to go broody and be a mommy. Last year we let her have 5 clutches. Each natural hatch was from a dozen eggs and then we would add incubator hatched chicks in with her. Her third clutch we got up to 34 chicks with her and she was as happy as can be. it was hot here when she did that so it was not hard for her to take care of the chicks. But normally we wont let her have more than 18 chicks. We just wanted to see what she would do.

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