How often is too often?

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    Jun 29, 2016
    I have a dozen hens, half are Barred Rock, half are new Hampshires, and I have a RIR rooster. End of winter, one of my BR hens went broody. I had no rooster at the time, and she was only 8 months old so I was able to break her. 2 months ago, she went broody again. I let her set but I had several issues with the eggs and ended up buying chicks to give her. She weaned them about a month ago. Tonight I went out to check my chickens and she's gone broody AGAIN. Puffing up and growling when I get near. I'm happy to let her try again (with my updated knowledge on protecting incubating eggs, I'm confident she can actually hatch her own eggs) but I'm concerned that this might not be the best thing for her body, since she just was broody 2 months ago? Or am I overthinking this, and should I just let her do her thing?
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    Yep, let her do her thing. Mother Nature knows what she is doing. :)

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