How old are hens when they first go broody?


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May 14, 2009
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Okay, I know that some hens might never go broody and there's certainly no set age, but what are some of your experiences?

I have RIRs, BOs, BRs, and Silkies. I know that of my LF hens the Buff Orps are probably the most likely to brood. Anybody know about when that happens for those girls?

Of course the silkies are famous for it. That's why I first took a second look at them... I want a Silkie-bator
I've heard silkies develop very slowly. When would they most likely start getting broody? Can it happen any time after they start laying or not until they're much older?


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Sep 14, 2008
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All mine last year where bantams, and bantams are notorious for being broody! Mine were POL pullets when I got them, and they all started brooding eggs about a month after they started laying, so they were about 6-8 months old. This year, my fall babies all have chicks, and some are setting for the second time since spring.

But I do have a few that haven't went broody at all, and I don't know that they will. Also, my black cochin hen that went broody last summer a month after she started laying is still holding out. Maybe she likes to wait till fall?

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