how old are your fresh eggs still considered "fresh"?

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    We have a huge family vacation coming up in four weeks. Lots of big breakfast eaters. I'd like to provide all the eggs so no one has to buy eggs and its a cool thing I can contribute to the gang. If I start saving them now, they will be four weeks old when we begin the vacation. Do you/ would you consider four week old eggs from your backyard flock still "fresh" or at least "fresher" than what we would buy the night before at the grocery?
  2. redsoxs

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    Eggs will keep for weeks in the fridge. In fact, I've read on BYC that eggs in stores might be a month or more old.
  3. Judy

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    When I buy eggs in the store and check, I've always found they are at least a month old. The date they were packed is stamped on the end of the carton. The number is given as the day of the year; that is, it will be "1" if packed on January 1, and "365" if packed on December 31. This article gives more details.

    I have eaten eggs from my fridge which were at least a month old, probably older. We tend to save them from good production months and eat them when production drops off in the winter or with a molt. I've read that eggs keep a week in the fridge for every day at room temp, but I actually think they last longer than that even at room temperature. Mother Earth News did an extensive study on how long eggs stayed edible. I believe they were still edible if refrigerated at 6 months, but you can look it up and check that out, it's been on the web for years.
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    Our eggs typically don't last long, we have people frequently buy us out and I only get five eggs a day, but I've heard that eggs can last up to nine months refrigerated.

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