how old before you can tell what breed??

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  1. herdofnoni

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    the chicks i got are probably of mixed breed but i am curious to know if you can tell when they are small what you might have. i know they are layers.. i will post some pics.
    4 are the same(well seem to be)
    2 are much smaller and saddly having trouble with thier feet.

    here are the pics
    these are the 4 bigger chicks..
    and teh two little ones.. you can see the curled toes on the one in this picture..
    did the band aid thing but i don't think it is helping their feet

    aany ideas are greatly appreciated as i am very new to this, last time we had chickens i was maybe.. umm..5 or 6 yrs old ;P
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  2. mmajw

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    Jan 31, 2008
    The 2 smaller ones appear to have yellow legs they may both be a welsummer.

    The Top pic is hard to tell do they have any other coloring besides yellow/white? The one in the center appears to have brown as well can you post a side view pic?
  3. herdofnoni

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    the little ones legs are now grey, though i don't ink they are goignto survive they really aren't doing great.
    the bigger ones . here are some pics i took today. they are now 1 week old
    this one is named daisy
    this one is meme
    this one is popcorn
    agroup shot at 4 days old.. l-r daisy,caramel,popcorn and meme
    thanks for having a look ")
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  4. herdofnoni

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    there you go the new picks.. the one weak on died over the weekend. the other is eating and drinking but still has weak legs and walks on his hocks.. don't know what to do about that. her breathing is bubbly too
    well that is all..... going to build a portable chicken cage to put them out in my garden for a few hours a day.. let them eat some bugs and weeds...
  5. herdofnoni

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    they re now two weeks old. [​IMG] geting alot of feathers.. look abit like awkward teens![​IMG] ahhahahha

    any way will post some more recent pics to help any out who wish to help me figure out the breed of these little gals(i hope their all gals! [​IMG] )
    ttfn [​IMG]
  6. herdofnoni

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  7. tiki244

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    Jan 1, 2008
    in some of the pictures it looks like they have beards and it looks like the legs are turning color so I am going to vote EasterEgger

    Is the little one walking ok now?
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  8. herdofnoni

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    sortof walking alright. well on one foot any way. she kinds hobbles. foot hock foot hock. if you hold her in your hand she stands on both feet but you can feel that she is not putting any weight on the one foot. and she will stand on one leg holding the other out to the side. it is weird.
    her toes are staight now , but the inside one is turned down a bit at the knucke joint. i think it will be beter if she puts some weitgh on it to flaten it out, gets around prety good. though maturing at least a week behind the rest.
  9. chicknhawaii

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    May 15, 2008
    Honolulu, HI
    I just wanted to say your chicks are SO cute!
    And I'm sorry about the one who didn't make it. [​IMG]

    I hope someone will be able to help you with breed soon.

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