how old is the oldest americana? my hen will be 16 this summer


Dec 22, 2015
my last americana I bought for 2 bucks in 2000 is vary sick
most likely cancer. the chicken has seizures when you pick it up.
if you don't touch it it seems fine.
it goes to bed at 4 pm when its still light out.
so ill say 15 and 1/2 years old as i don't think it will live much longer.
this chicken has lived two chickens worth of life.
never was much of an egg layer and i only feed it organic laying pellets.


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Apr 6, 2014
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You and I should form an OLD GIRLS CLUB...
My Silver Seabrite lived 13 orbits around the Sun. My current oldest will be 10 this coming April. She has been blind sine June due to a dog attack. I have to place her in front of food and water .. She may still have a sense of smell..
Here is a pix of her last April when she still layed a few eggs occasionally

You can see the Seabright on my profile page. She is gone now.
Luv to see the pix of your quinceañera hen

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Nonamesavailable: if she hardly lays at all - you should stop the layer feed. Too much calcium can ruin the kidneys. Calcium is needed to make hard shells. You could instead put out regular feed and a side container of crushed oyster shell which she could have free choice. I'm fairly certain she will not need to take any and won't. Proves you have been taking excellent care of her. Good for you. Do you have any of her daughters? - I wonder if they will inherit long life genes from her.


Dec 22, 2015
this chicken has not laid an egg in over 5 years, never was a good egg layer.
thats probably why she is still alive.
I had 9 Americana chickens bought in 2000 for 2 bucks each at the feed store.
this chickens are vary smart compared to the road island reds.
I had a few baby chickens from them not sure who's was the mother to them?
buff rock/ americana they laid green eggs except one who laid brown eggs.
there all dead except the rooster who is 14.
what is regular feed?
I do not think my chicken will live much longer it has tiny poops and strains.
it has seizures when you pick it up.
it seems fine today all perky but does not run out the coop when i open the door.
it always runs outside when i open the door before.
its on antibiotics, vitamins, and aspirin, brought several chickens back from the dead with that mixture.
photo is buff/americana mix circus chickens trained to go thru the doggy hole and they would run to me when called.
they only lived about 7 years do to feeding them people food.

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