How old is your oldest chicken????


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I have been meaning to start this, and never got around to it. I hope I am not too late. I wanted to post a pic of OUR oldest chicken....Onyx. She is almost ten years old...would have had her tenth birthday in 2016. . I noticed a couple of days ago that she started roosting lower and lower. But she was still acting fine. Today she has disappeared. :( I have pictures of her when she was younger, but not as as an old lady. I'm praying that maybe she is just taking a sabbatical and I will find her cheerfully greeting me tomorrow. She's a mix breed....part Frizzle, part who know.s.

Anyway, if you want to keep this going, post YOUR oldest chicken or bird....and a pic before it's too late...:-s

This is her as a young Mom though. She raised so many chicks for us. Even last year she went broody for a few days. Now she has arthritis and all her head feathers are gray. I so hope she shows up again.
Sorry to hear about Onyx! I hope she comes back. My oldest hen is eight or nine I believe. I had an old english game hen that was at least 12, she would raise me a batch of chicks every year. Sadly she was taken by a fox last year, while defending her chick.
Thank you. It is fun to hear these stories though and see the pictures. Sadly, I'm afraid Onyx is not coming back.
My son is home and taking care of them for me today, but he said she was not out there again, all day. She is the last one of the original flock he started when he was in FFA, ten years ago. We have a skunk who has picked off a couple of chicks and weak or smaller birds over the past few years. Sometimes it's for the best, but I hope that is not what happened to her. I always thought she had some game hen in her, too. My son pointed out she probably would not have wanted to face another Ohio winter, anyway.
Thanks for the replies, and I'm looking forward to hearing more about the older bunch.

Sorry to hear about the fox incident too. I bet we all could write an interesting book with stories about our feathered family.
S & P, your little guy has a big momma to take care of, lol!
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