How old should chicks be until you put them in an outside brooder?

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8 Years
May 22, 2011
Its about 95 degrees here in my part of florida and its only 90 degrees in the outside brooder i saw my chicks panting and i figured i had better bring them into my room with the tub brooder i had them in after they were born since its about 80 degrees cool in my room with the AC and since June is coming i was wondering how old are these chicks going to have to be before i can put them in that kind of heat? cause i have more chicks due to hatch June 3,13,21,22,30
Frankly, your temps are sobering high, but.... but the reality is that you birds are going to have to adjust to being in a warm climate. I wouldn't air condition them.
Help us understand. You are intending them to live outside, right? Eventually?
Tubs are bad in your heat because they trap heat. I would reconsider. Open fenced pens or large dog type cages where the air can move through would be far better.
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You can put a little fan in the coop, and locate it in the coolest part of the yard. Add some electrolytes to there water too when it gets hot, and check on them often. I've also frozen water bottles to sit in the coop, so the birds can sit by them, or stand by them and cool off if needed. All this can be continued through the summer if it stays really hot.
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