How our frostbite came out

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    Hi everyone! We had a frostbitten wattle 2 Fridays ago here in Colorado with a negative 18 degree F day (along with several cold days in a row).

    I took chickie (now named "Frost) in to the Emergency Veterinary Clinic where I work and we did some research on VIN (Veterinary Information Network--specialists answer vets' questions). Basically: prevent infection topically; treat pain; wait.

    We treated with an NSAID for pain for a few days, a little higher dose for 2 days, then a lower one for 3 days, one well-tolerated by chickens and only given once a day. I was a nervous wreck as you NEVER give NSAIDs without bloodwork first! But I watched for all the common intolerance symptoms and none were seen. We'll hope her liver is ok.

    We applied sulfadiazine to prevent infection for about 6 days.

    The left side was necrosing a small skin tag and the right side had a bloody split in it.

    Here she is on Day 18. The black has reduced significantly, the bloody split has healed, the necrosing area stopped necrosing, and now it appears the thin black area will fall off.

    She actually ate her Metacam, the NSAID, from the syringe each day...what a good girl!

    She tolerated the sulfadiazine three times a day, especially two days into it as I think she was pretty ouchy there at the beginning.

    Her swelling was reduced significantly by Day 3 and it's just gotten better every day.

    The "chicken dvm" in Boulder (who had no clue on how to treat this) I had called before my boss said she'd give it a whirl had asked for an update, so I took a photo.

    Here's the before and now. I think she's gonna make it!

    And we've transitioned to the Chicken Waterer with little problem to prevent wet wattles ever again. I offered a bowl of water each night just in case and it was appreciated until everyone got the hang of it...but today the level was down a couple inches so I think the whole gang has "gotten" it. There's still a bucket for them while they free-range, too.

    Thanks for all the support you guys!!!!!

    Chickens and frostbite: Who'da thunk it?

    Day 1 with the bloody split; below is Day 18.

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    Great to see such a fantastic improvement! :yiipchick glad your chicken is looking good :)
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