How soon do ducklings need niacin supplementation?


Apr 28, 2020
Upper Michigan
I had 2 ducklings hatch yesterday, and one this morning. I have them in a brooder with access to chick starter and water. One has begun eating, and I gave each duckling a piece of earthworm for protein and niacin. I plan on getting brewer's yeast today, but is it possible for them to develop issues in under 24 hours? They all seem fine, but I just want to be cautious, these are my first duckies after all.
I wouldn't worry in the beginning. Some ducklings are perfectly fine and I had 1 out of a group that needed some special attention around 5 weeks old. And that was only for a few weeks and she has been fine ever since. Just enjoy the sweet webbies for now. :love

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