How soon to keep ducks and chickens together?


Dec 12, 2019
South Louisiana
So I have 8 leghorn/rhode island red chickens that are about 7 weeks old. They are out in the coop/run and doing great. Eventually this number will be knocked down to 4 since half are roosters and they would disturb the neighbors too much (wide open neighborhood with .5 acre lots).

I just got 3 pekin ducks and they are a little 2 weeks old.

How long should I wait until I house them together? My original plan was to keep the ducks separate until they were the same size as the chickens but the rate these ducks are going, that will be by the end of this week.

I have started introducing them with the run fence between the 2 groups. The chickens are very interested...ducks kinda meh about it haha
That depends on a few factors, such as space, the personality of your birds, age, and probably a few more. What I would recommend, which I see is what you are currently already doing, is let them get used to each other using the no-touch but see method for a few weeks, after that, let them out with each other for short bits each day and see how they react, if they start to fight, prolong the integration, if they don't let them be. Remember bored birds fight, so if you provide them with space and stuff to do, fighting will be decreased.
I had a Frizzle bantam hen given to me that was almost killed by RIR I would not put ducklings in with chickens until they are much older And maybe not all penned together unless separate by fencing.

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