How stinkin great!


8 Years
Jun 21, 2011
Go to buy a little vitrual chick toy for my daughter off ebay and find out my stupid paypal account has been limited because they cant verify my identity.. So now in order to get verified I need to link my account to my husband's bank account because my account was closed because I never used it... So now I have to give my "spur of the moment" husband access to my paypal account money that I've been hording from him for months so he didnt go out an buy some stupid video game he'd play for a month an the quit!
I would just open a new account. My dh has a paypal account and it is linked to a bank account that has only a small amount of moneyat a time just in case it gets hacked.
Well getting this resolved is proving a pain in the ars.... I never got my license updated from when I got married last year because of DD being hospitilized multiple times throughout the year, So now their asking for a valid government issued photo ID which I DONT have.. only thing I have is my college ID with my new name on it with my photo... And their also asking for a copy of my marriage cert... *sigh* is it even worth all this hassle over a little virtual toy and the $37.44 on the paypal account...

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