How strong should a light be in a new coup for one laying chicken and 3 who should be laying.


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Aug 12, 2012
Deep Gap, North Carolina
I am Miss Bargersquack and I am fairly new. I just moved my 4 girls to a 600 lb coup as we are experiencing very high winds here in the NC mountains due to the storm. I want to keep them in their new digs for a few days, but need to know if a 250 infrared light bulb is too strong for them. It is about 4' 8" off the groung and I do not have straw on the floor, just in the laying bins.

What is the correct light/ It will be for daylight also as I eant them to know this is their new home. 2-4 days? Also to protect them from these high winds and snow.

Jody Bargersquack
I used a 10 watt CLF bulb for 75 laying hens in a 12' x 30' coop. ...Until it fried (those stupid bulbs do not live up to the hype). Now I use a 40 watt white incandescent bulb.

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