how tall?


11 Years
Mar 21, 2008
I have decided to build my coop 5' by 12' so that i can build it into the back of the goat run. but how high should it be for 9 hens. and does anyone know of a goat proof door that the hens can go and come freely but the goats cant get in? how low does it need to be so that they dont need a ladder?


11 Years
Feb 3, 2008
Raymond, Mississippi
Hi! I agree that a walk in coop is nice at clean up time. I have 6 chickens ranging in size from the tiniest bantams to the largest Exhibition Buff Orpingtons. The coop is raised off the ground a little over a foot, and I placed a large cinder block on it's side so the little ones can get in and out. If your chicks are large, they can jump in and out of a doorway at least that far, and if they are smaller, a ramp or block like I use will allow them to get in and out. Some folks have people doors and chicken doors. The chicken door only has to be as large as your largest chicken. Take a look at some of the neat coops on this site to get some ideas. Some of the folks on here have goats and may be able to answer your goat/chicken question more specifically.

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