How tame is "tame" ?


9 Years
May 12, 2010
Central MA
I was reading posts that talking about how tame their chickens.
Then thought about my SS chicks....
They are 3.5weeks old now.
They gather up front of the brooder door when they hear my voice. I open the door, they just jump up on me.
When I take them out to chicken play pan, they come up on my lap, stay around me.
BUT they don't come to me when I call them.
Seems like "when I come, when I feel like it" kinda tame.
They are not afraid of me or my hand.

Is that "tame" enough to call "my chickens are tame" ??
When they get older, they will be more friendly to me and come to me when I call?? Not "when I feel like it... "kinda act??
My week-olds scatter in terror when they hear my voice. My 2-week olds bunch in the corner of hte brooder when they hear my voice. My teenager chicks know I bring food but won't let me anywhere near them. My adults only come when it's dinnertime...and I'm not allowed to touch them. THe ONLY chicken that WILLINGLY lets me touch them is my Polish - and I think that's b/c s/he can't see me coming. my book, you have VERY tame chickens
Oh so that what's going on...
I thought they act like cats.

They will get better when they get old??? Or that's it??
You can train them to come when you call using treats. I am feeding my flock a smashed up hardboiled egg every morning, and I always use these small white plastic dishes. When I appear in the yard with those dishes I call "chick chick chickens!" and they all go wild and run towards me, because they know what those things mean now.

Use the same techniques to train your chickens to come to you as you would to train your dog. Your chickens will probably catch on more quickly. They are very food motivated!
You are on the right track. Your chickens are very tame. I have found that spending time with them is the secret. If you want them to come to you, train them to associate treats with a noise (rattling bag, whistle, clucking, etc.). If you make this noise every time you "treat" them, they will start coming to that noise.
My girls have their own ideas about us. They give us a wide birth in the pen outside (their 10 weeks) and scatter when in their brooder but after some patience Violet (a BR) will not only tolerate my petting her back she will hop up on the cinder block and lay down to be petted. Now the RIR... she's another story and if she don't sweeten up... she's going to be dinner...very VERY soon.
I'd say your chickens are tame. Everybody has their own idea of how tame they want their chickens. They're really cute when they're little and fall asleep in your hands, but tripping over them or having them fly at your head to get on your shoulders when they are adults are another matter. They will do what you let them do so train them from the start to sit in your lap if you don't want them climbing on you like monkey bars. Win them over and then TRAIN them to be what you want...

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