how the heck do they end up in the wrong PO???

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  1. klf73

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    Jun 1, 2008
    I just got a call from a woman at a P.O. that is about 50 miles from me, my eggs "accidently" got sent to them. This woman saw my number on the box and saw they were eggs so she called me. She asked if they were actually real eggs. They were going to put them back on a truck and send back to the hub and I would "probably" get them tomorrow. She didn't think it would be a good idea so she called me. I asked how far she was from me and was going to get them tday, especially since it's supposed to be 80 today and 88 tomorrow. When she realized how important it was that I got them today she quietly told me she had a truck coming to my PO later today and she would tell the driver to make sure he handed it to a post person at my PO so they could call me. I thought this was REALLY nice as she could have just ignored it and sent it back like they were going to. Now lets hope the truck doesn't get too hot today [​IMG] but how do they end up at the wrong PO???
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    I had live ducklings end up at a post office 45 minutes away from me this year. It was a BIG surprise when I got that call!

    Dunno why they ended up there, they should have come to my local post office that's only 15 minutes away like they always have in the past, but at least they all arrived alive and healthy! I would have driven hours to get them!

    On another note, the postal worker who handed me the box at the post office in the neighboring county was a jerk. I explained to him that the farm insured that the ducklings would arrive alive and that I was supposed to open the box in his presence - usually, the postal worker helps me open the box, but he just stood there and said "Good luck with that". Then, when I finally got the box open (it had been stapled) and opened the lid, he proclaimed "They're much smaller than the ones at Kentucky Fried". [​IMG]

    Shows how much he knew - they were ducklings, not chicks!

    Anyways, I hope your eggs are in good shape! What are you hatching? [​IMG]
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  3. klf73

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    Jun 1, 2008
    I *think* these are my frizzled barred rock? roo over some NN hens. I don't think they are my d'Anvers and my orps got here Saturday.... will see when they get here later [​IMG]
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    You should give her a big hug for doing that!
  5. klf73

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    Jun 1, 2008
    Quote:I would if she wasn't so far away [​IMG] . I had to do a double take when she told me she was from the OTHER post office. She kind of chuckled when I said "WHAT post office?!?!" I really appreciate when they do local girls take care of my boxes for me and if one comes in squished they want me to open to make sure none broke for their piece of mind [​IMG]
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    I'd send her flowers or something in thanks. Not only did she save your eggs, she also saved you the time and effort of having to go get them!! Kindness and thoughtfulness like that is rare these days, that was a really REALLY nice thing she did for you. And thank goodness your number was on the box!!!
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    May 24, 2010
    That is so nice of her. It's nice to hear a good story instead of the bad ones.
  8. NurseNettie

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    2 possiblities--- the scanner read something wrong, or somebody tossed it on the wrong truck- not paying attention. Silly, stupid mistakes- that probably happen ALL the time, but we never know about it because if the gas bill or our new sweater are a day late, we don't notice like we do when something living or fragile is expected.

    Better than a gift, I'd let her superviser know she went above and beyond by calling you. That is always a plus when it's job review time [​IMG]

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  9. klf73

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    Jun 1, 2008
    yes, I am going to call her supervisor. She called me back again to confirm the time(and I caught her name this time). She checked with the driver and said the driver would be there at 4:45. PO called at 4:41 to say my eggs were there [​IMG] . I was only around the corner killing time. [​IMG]

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